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Unicard advertising Services

Unicard, Universal Card Corporation Ltd. has been operating in the Georgian market since 2010 as a Universal loyalty program for corporate clients as well as for customers allowing them to add value to their purchases, and in its turn, prefers business in a competitive environment.

By 2022, Unicard manages up to 6,000 trade networks countrywide, owns a unique base of 2 000 000 embedded card data and a marketing service contract with 350 legal entities - retailers, Banks, Insurance, MFO, Food Industry, Cinema  etc. 12 Years nonstop operations in different industries, provide  special experience and advantage of the company.

Unicard has the opportunity to allow customers to share information about their interests and behavior, which helps companies to make better business decisions.

Unicard Database as already mentioned, apart from standard demographic data, includes unique information about user behavior and interests.

The efficiency of Unicard advertising Services is determined by the ability to adjust to the detailed segmentation and target audience.

Unicard offers advertising services, not only to partners but also to other legal entities.

List of advertising services:


• Newsletter                                                             

• Telephone Survey

• Telemarketing

Advertising services can be obtained both individually and as a package.

Share our experience and manage your communication with the customer!

To use Unicard advertising Services, please email us. Please email [email protected] or contact us at the number (+995 32) 2 555 222