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Universal Loyalty Card Program

Unicard is the unique loyalty card program in Georgia which unifies more then 6000 large and medium trading points within the network of 380 partner companies in the industry of trading, service and payment sectors.  Since 2010 Unicard holders spent 30 000 000 points on fuel tickets, Unitours, online payments, various gifts from online catalogue, on purchases made at the stores of Unicard’s partners.

Collect with Universal Card Everywhere

You can daily collect Unicard points with Unicard community - more than 2 000 000 cardholders. Buy fuel, products, food, travel; go to the cinema, drugstore, sport clubs or wellness complex – everywhere where Unicard symbol is presented.

Collection without Limits

Apply Unicard and collect points in case of any kind payment method – Cash, card or weather mobile application.

Collect Faster Together

Universal points could be collected with family members or friends who are eager to help you. Unicard account could be assigned to 5 different cards ready for collection; One of them is the main and should be left with the account owner.

Use Collected Points Effectively

Purchase made with Unicard is always more rather standalone purchase. Points collected during daily expenses could be useful to pay off your other daily small expenses, to get special offers, choose your special gift or to make your dream trip. Unicard’s webpage in its section Redeem Here offers unlimited and special options of gifts and offers. Visit our webpage, register your details and redeem collected points into any kind of prize form – Pay bills, buy talk time for your cell phone or go to your dream trip with desirable companion of yours!