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Universal Loyalty Card Program

The Unicard Universal Loyalty Program provides you an opportunity to get three types of benefits: points, discounts and gifts with any purchase at participating partner organizations.

2 000 000 Unicard holders have received more than 3 000 000 gifts from 350 partner companies throughout Georgia since 2010!

Collecting points

Collecting bonus points is easy. Present your Unicard at our more than 6000 partner companies purchasing fuel, products, medicines, clothing, equipment, tickets, utility payments, online shopping and many other purchases where Unicard logo is presented. Use your Unicard and collect points with any kind of payment: Cash or Card.

A single Unicard account can be shared by 5 individual cardholders at the same time.


Exchanging Points

A purchase with Unicard is more than just a purchase.

Points you collect with daily expenses will help you out with smaller payments, get special offers from Unicard, pick different gifts, and travel to your dream countries.

Get discounts

-10% on household appliances in Alta,

-10% in Medalpha,

-5% in Joma.

Unicard Means More!