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Frequently asked questions

What can we get in exchange for UNIpoints?

As soon as you have accumulated a certain amount of bonus points, you are able to exchange them for the variety of Unicard Catalog gifts, utility payments, service vouchers, mobile top ups. Click here to check the catalogue.

Where can I get fuel coupon and what does it cost?

Coupons are available at the Unicard Service Centers. Coupon value is correlated with the fuel market price. Consequently, price change may affect the value of the coupon. You may find information on potential price change two weeks prior on the web page of catalog list, news feed

How long does it take collected UNIpoints to become available on my account?

Collected UNIpoints are seen as available on Unicard holder’s account after 30 days from item(s) delivery to the shipping address.


Why Unicard?

Unicard is the only universal loyalty card in Georgia that gives you additional benefits to your simple everyday expenses. You can collect UNIpoints at many, favorite retailers country wide. Rewarded points can be quickly spent on a daily expenses like mobile top up, utility payments either can be accumulated longer to come some wishes true. One of the great benefits of Unicard is you get hot offers tailored to you from the various well-known Brands in Georgia.

If I cannot come to take out the item from the Service Center, who can get it or what will happen if I would not take out the item?

If the holder of the main card fails to get the ordered item, he can fix an authorized person by calling at the call center, to the number (032) 2 555 222.


How many UNIpoints are collected while shopping online?

Amount of accumulated points depends on online retailer. It is individually assigned to each online shop and Unicard holders could check it out by visiting Unicard webpage, “online shopping” section where full list of online stores is available 

How to delete browser history and cookies?

If online retailer is already chosen and products are added to the basket, you have to remove all these items from the basket and clear browser history and cookies in terms to collect loyalty points on Unicard. Guideline to clear history and cookies from Chrome browser:

  • To access history window click Ctrl+ H buttons;
  • Find and click on “Clear browsing data” button in history window;
  • In the field “Obliterate the following items from” choose “the beginning of time” and tick following fields below: “Cookies and other site and plugin data” and “Cached images and files”. Finally, push “Clear browsing data” button.

After deleting browser history and cookies, visit Unicard webpage to shop online and collect points.

To get additional information, check instructions on how to delete browser history and cookies from different browsers:

How to collect UNIpoints while shopping online?

While shopping online the most important precondition is choosing online retailer from Unicard webpage. Full list of stores is presented in section “where to collect”, “online shopping” button Choose online retailer and fill in Unicard number, check out and agree to the terms and conditions, push shop button to start online shopping. If you already have chosen retailer and products without being redirected from Unicard webpage to the online store, you have to remove all items from the basket and clear browser history and cookies. Those, who don’t own Unicard yet, can click “I don’t have a card” button and generate virtual Unicard immediately.

Where can I get my card?

Plastic Card

Unicard is free, you can get plastic card in our service centers and at our partner companies trading points (SPAR, Ioli, Aversi, Alta). Up on verbal request, operators easily give out plastic cards. You can immediately swipe it and start collection of your UNIpoints on Unicard.

Virtual Card

Virtual Unicard is also free and it is generated and assigned to cardholder via the website or mobile application. After generating virtual Unicard, you can start collection of your UNIpoints on Unicard.

Do UNIpoints Expire?

Yes, UNIpoints expire if no card operations have been reflected on principal account for last 12 months.

Where and how UNIpoints can be collected?

You can collect your UNIpoints easy; just need to present card at partner’s up to 6000 points of sale, wherever Unicard sign is. Any of payment method (cash, debit or credit cards) is welcomed together with Unicard. 

Click to check the list of Partner’s stores.

How can I switch off SMS service?

To switch off the function of SMS-delivery is possible in the following ways:

Via SMS:

Beeline and Geocell customers send text “sms off” to the number: 5552 and Magti customers can send the same SMS to the phone number 95552

Via Information Center: Contact (+995 32) 2 555 222 (working hours 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM)

How can I update my personal data?

Visit web page, log in, click on “Personal Data” and fill/modify account.

For the change of your personal identification number, e-mail and phone number, please, contact Information Center (+995 32) 2 555 222, or visit the Service center.


When I lose my card, are collected UNIpoints due to cancellation?

Lost card is not the automatic reason to cause automatically cancelation of collected points. In the case of card recovery, your main account points can be transferred to the new card if you contact Unicard call center at (+995 32) 2 555 222 (working hours 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM);

Can I restore the lost card?

You can replace the lost card easily – just peak up a new card in Unicard Service Centers,Spar, Ioli and start using it. You can link a new card to an old account and bonuses later in our Service Centers, or Information Centre (+995 32) 2 555 222

• Receive a new card from the cashier:

• Buy a new product using a new card;

• Keep the transaction receipt.

Later, register your personal data and the card on the website or contact Unicard Service Center at (+995 32) 2 555 222 

What should I do if I lose my Card?

Immediately, please, contact call center (+995 32) 2 555 222 or send an e-mail to  [email protected],

You can also block the card via the webpage: Log in and go to the account attached to the page of cards, using the "Card Block" field on the so-called footer, where you can lock the desired card.


How do I link my virtual card with physical card and/or account?

Please, call (+995 32) 2 555 222. Our Information Centre will help you to link virtual card to the plastic card or account.


How do I create virtual Unicard?

Virtual Unicard is generated and assigned to cardholder via the website or mobile application.

Applying for virtual Unicard through website, please, visit registration page, click “Don’t have Unicard” button and follow farther instructions.

If you have a mobile application downloaded, visit a registration page, refer to the question “Do you have Unicard”, answer “No” and follow farther instructions.

Where and when do I receive gifts from catalogue?

The gift can be received:

At the service centers

At the partner organization, whose services or products you have chosen.

How can I order a gift?

The gift can be ordered from

Web Page:

Information center: (+995 32) 2 555 222

Service centers

Mobile application

How do I get information on collected UNIpoints?

Information on collected UNIpoints is available for registered users via website on their personal profile. Additionally, you can check balance by SMS. Beeline or Geocell customers  need to send SMS text “Bonus” to  the number 5552 and MAGTI customers  send SMS text “Bonus” to the number 95552 (Geocell customers can call *552#OK as well). Moreover, call center is always an option; you can call us (+995 32) 2 555 222