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International UNIcard Mastercard Payment Card

PayUnicard is the first financial technology company in Georgia, offering UNIcard Mastercard linked to e-wallet along with Unicard bonus card. When paying with an international prepaid Mastercard card, UNIPoints are collected wherever you see a MAstercard logo all over the world.

UNIcard Mastercard owners are able to:

  • Easily integrate and manage payment and bonus cards, funds and earned rewards in one digital space;

  • Perform bonified financial transactions with e-money;

  • Collect more UNIPoints at Unicard partner merchants and elsewhere Mastercard card is accepted;

  • Shop at any facility and online; 

  • Exchange e-money at special rate;  

  • Pay utility bills at preferential tariffs;

  • Cash out from the network of Mastercard partner banks worldwide;

  • Earn rewards for financial transactions and receive ongoing special offers from Unicard and its partners.