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Unicard is the only one and universal loyalty card program on Georgian market that offers business oriented partnership.

Unicard loyalty card program offers modern, tested and timeless solutions. Our aim is to successfully manage relations with our potential and existing customers; to develop and maintain long term, stable and loyal relationships between customers and particular businesses itself.

Unicard database (2 000 000 issued cards) obtains not only standard geographical data also it represents unique source of customer behavior and interests. By applying analytical models and processes to these unique information it is easier to analyze better your customer behavior characteristics and effectively communicate or launch marketing campaigns. Point’s collection and redemption universal program Unicard provides service to more than a million customers in Georgia and therefore helps partner companies to stimulate loyal customers.

General benefits for Unicard partners:

  • Offering loyalty program to an existing customers;
  • Access to the database of potential customers;
  • Segmentation according to any kind of parameters and information processing with modern methodology;  
  • Big database obtains demographic details and information on activities within the sectors’ scope.
  • Effective and low-cost communication channels (SMS, Online SMS, Digital Media, etc.);
  • Brand awareness high level in target audience.

UNICARD creates positive experience of loyalty program introduction and implementation by connecting companies and cardholders to each other. UNICARD states the value of relationships between business and customers and therefore rewards thousands of shoppers on a daily basis.

Unicard partners get strategic marketing solutions helping them to acquire loyal consumers and to stimulate sales; on the other hand to retain existing customers and reward their loyalty.

Universal loyalty card program give an opportunity with less expenses (compared to own loyalty program implementation) and more effectiveness to communicate with potential customers those whom never applied to your company’s service but are part of Unicard’s loyalty card program.

To join universal loyalty card program Unicard, email us at [email protected] 

Please, indicate further information in your application letter:

  • Company name;
  • Business description;
  • Photo materials;
  • Contact details.