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Face Skin and Hair Mesotherapy

ID 1444-0078
  • Provider: La belle Medical
  • Mesotherapy  
  • You can get the service  within 3 months after ordering. 
Aesthetic Medical Center La Belle Medical- offers skin and hair mesotherapy by skilled and qualified physician - beautician. Mesotherapy is one of the most effective means of rejuvenation . During the procedure cocktail produced by  the world's leading cosmetic companies  injected into the skin. TThe solution injected can contain a wide range of  vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
 Under the influence of the"cocktail" blood circulation improves, 
 the metabolism and regeneration processes  activates,  the skin is noticeably tightened-it becomes firmer,
visibly rejuvenated, wrinkles disappear, the fat is melted in  the cellulite areas.
Hair mesotherapy is the treatment that restores hormone balance at a gradual pace, which enables the steady growth of new, healthy hair strands.
Mesotherapy procedures are recommended:
Age wrinkles;
Greasy, pored, dry or dull skin;
Pigment spots;
Capillary net;
Sagging double chin;
Excess fat,
Hair loss cases.
This method restoresthe skin structure, improves skin color, removes pigment spots, corrects surface wrinkles. 
Branches where service could be applied: 
Tbilisi, Tavisupleba sq.#4 T .: 298 60 05, 299 90 08;
Varketili, Javakheti # 2 (shopping center "Phoenix", 5 floor), T .: 2 184 182