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These terms and conditions regulate the rules and conditions of collecting the points within the framework of online purchases. Together with these terms and conditions also act the conditions of applying the "universal point collection card" (Unicard), as well as the agreement with the cardholders . 

The conditions of online purchases from the Unicard web page

1. Definition of terms regarding accumulation/accrual of  Unicard points


1.1.   Terms and conditions - the present terms and conditions, which is the single legal document together with conditions of applying the universal point collection card (Unicard);

1.2.   Unicard - "Universal Card Corporation, Ltd." e/c 202461406, address: Vazha Pshavela Ave. #71;

1.3.   Online shopping site(s) - Georgian and international internet sites/web page addresses of Unicard partner companies, trade names/logos of which are indicated on the Unicard website;

1.4.   Online purchases - non-cash payment transactions for the cardholder`s purchases from the online shopping site(s);

1.5.   Web page - the Unicard internet site

1.6.   Points - non-monetary units, which are accumulating on the Unicard cardholder`s account;

1.7.   Cardholder/Customer - a person who owns the main or additional Unicard`s card and who indicated/identified prior to online purchase his/her specific Unicard`s card number;

1.8.   Accumulation/accrual of points - accrual of points by the Unicard according to these Terms and Conditions (and/or under the various schemes, established by the Unicard for the purposes of encouraging the consumers) upon implementation of the online purchase(s) as a result of the amount/value paid for the product.



2.      Online Purchasing Conditions

2.1.  Points accumulation is possible on purchase transaction(s) made only from online shopping sites listed on Unicard webpage as a result of redirecting cardholder from Unicard web page to the online store;

2.2.  Unicard points accumulated/accrued at shopping web pages vary in amount. Unicard holder gets information regarding points to be accrued in case of purchase before entering specific online shop site from Unicard web page.  Unicard has the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to change the amount of points accumulated with a transaction. Unicard points are also accumulated/accrued during the discounts and promotions held at the online shopping site(s),  if different conditions are not additionally identified by the Unicard;

2.3.  Unicard points are also collected/transferred by online purchasing website during sale promotions, if there is no additional term defined by Unicard.

2.4.  For the accumulating/accrual of the Unicard points the indication of the Unicard`s card number is required each time the customer logs on into desired online shop. The cardholder shall clearly and accurately indicate the card number; otherwise the points will not be credited to the account. Unicard is not responsible due to the consequences of  faulty/mistaken indication of card details;

2.5.  The points will be accrued within 30 (thirty) calendar days after receiving (to the shipping address) the product to the account of the Unicard`s card, indicated, by the cardholder;

2.6.  No points are accrued for the amount of transportation, packaging and/or other additional services regarding the purchased products, if different conditions are not identified by the Unicard;

2.7.  Points are accrued in accordance with the price of the product at the moment of purchase. Clearing currency is determined as the US dollar and/or Euro, while the points shall be accrued in terms of the national currency, according to the National Bank`s official exchange rate of the day of accrual the points. Unicard is not responsible for the accrual of different number of points due to the differences in foreign exchange rates;

2.8.  For the accrual of points, cardholder must not show visit to the online shop`s site and/or he/she should not store the products in a basket/shopping cart and/or planned purchases/appreciation box/wish lists/dream boxes (no browsing history and cookies should be saved) within the thirty (30) days before the purchase;Unicard is not responsible for data processing and related disputes regarding the cardholder`s online payment method/channel/system used for the online purchase;

2.9.  Unicard is not responsible for using online purchasing methods/channel/means of data management by the customer and all disputes connected to it.

2.10.  Unicard is not responsible for the quality of the customer`s purchased products, transportation and any other matter regarding the product/transportation;

2.11.  For the purpose of cardholders` incentives (for example, on birthdays and/or other special dates), Unicard reserves the right to carry out various types of promotions. During the period of promotions to the cardholder`s account will be accrued a different or an additional number of points than those points that are established by the present terms and conditions/additional terms and conditions;

2.12.  The software completely contains the technical details for indicating the Unicard`s card number, for showing the number of points to be accumulated/accrued, for showing and confirmation of this terms and conditions, as well as for displaying the other additional terms and conditions (if any at present or for future) or sequences and capabilities. The additional terms and conditions, indicated by the Unicard for the online shopping purposes, have the legal force and are fully applicable to the cardholders;

2.13.  Any promises of conditions given to cardholders by the online shopping sites do not mean that the Unicard has given and/or agrees these conditions. Therefore, the Unicard is not responsible for such conditions;

2.14.  Provisions established in the service conditions completely cover the suspicious transactions on Unicard points and other issues not covered by these terms and conditions;

2.15.  The customer is authorized to use special support program so called “ Uno” functional, for showing of existence of the possibility of collecting Unicard points by the customer on online purchase web sites and for the purposes of reminding of collecting the points. Moreover, while installing the Uno functional, the customer agrees with the term that after functional goes into the action Uno deletes the information about the customer time to time and so called “cookies”.

Unicard is authorized to add new opportunities of Uno anytime, which will be expressed in the additional terms of Uno functional. Additional terms are in the appendix of the foregoing agreement.

2.16.  Unicard has the right to review this terms and conditions at any time and to upload the updated version. Without any notification of changes to the cardholders, any such variations will automatically apply to the cardholders;

2.17.  By signing agreement on this conditions the user in addition to service conditions specified in regulations, also confirms that in case of using by him/her the Unicard`s services, the Unicard is authorized to carry out the processing of the confidential information submitted by customer (including personal data), also processing of the information on purchased products, product inspection, site visits. It unlimitedly includes the automated or non-automated data processing and any other actions on data, in particular collecting the record, photographing, audio and video recording, organization, storage, alteration, restoration, requesting the use or disclosure of the data transmission, dissemination or making available by other means, grouping or combination, blocking, erasure or destruction;

2.18.  Processing of customer`s data by the Unicard in the electronic channels (web page, online shopping sites, mobile applications, and/or other technical means of data transfer), including the cookies also includes the customer`s record (for example, through the electronic channels/using the internet), the identification of the user`s location, description and analysis of data fixed/filled in in the search box.  

2.19.  Processing of customer`s data by the Unicard in the electronic channels (web page, online shopping sites, mobile applications, and/or other technical means) also includes recording and analysis of any other statistical data and using of other data fixed by/assigned to the customer (for example, contact data of customer and /or third parties);

2.20.  In the case of discrepancy/semantic distinction between these conditions and the conditions of applying the Unicard`s card, priority will be given to these terms and conditions. The issues which are not defined in these terms and conditions, will be regulated by the relevant provisions of the conditions for applying the Unicard`s card, taking into consideration the specifics determined in these terms and conditions;  

With electronically marked consent ("agree") on these terms and conditions, the consumer/cardholder confirms that he/she agrees with the specified conditions.

2.21.  With electronically marked consent ("egree") on these terms and conditions, the consumer/cardholder confirms thet he/she agrees with the specified conditions.