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Unicard game-find treasures in Mtatsminda Park! Become Unituri owner!


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Unicard game-find treasures in Mtatsminda Park! Become Unituri owner!

Become Istanbul Unitour and a lot of other gifts owner!

On 23 June, Unicard orginizes a  game "Find the treasure" in Mtatsminda Park. The game will start in the morning on the territory of the park and the users will get prizes determined by the Unicard and the partners: Mtatsminda park, Chicco, Butterfly, Kikala Studio, Kids Salon, Voulez Vous, Saller, Women's Happiness, GPC, Mastersport, Smart, Aversi, Beko, Metromart, OK, Arai  Tomorrow.  The list is interesting and diverse:

Mtatsminda park 100 Gel  voucher;

Kiko Toy;

4 pcs of  25 Gel  voucher in Butterfly;

Kikala Studio 300 Gel  voucher;

Kids Color 100 Gel  voucher;

Sportswear from Saller;

Voulez Vous cosmetic kit for men and women;

Women's Happiness 100 Gel  voucher;

Disney’s skateboards, and Badminton from Mastersport;

GPC care products kit;

Smart - 100 GEL Gift basket with sweets


Terms and Conditions:


Treasures is a voucher, which is placed in the Unicard box and hidden throughout the territory of the park. Search for treasures in hidden places, such as the stone back, amusement park rides, wood, etc. Do not look up treasures in the ground or artificially grown flowers. Do not damage the park area. In case of finding treasure get a voucher to present in the park's main entrance and get Unicard’s appropriate gift. Only one person can receive a gift. The Voucher presenter should be the Unicard holder.
If you do not have the Unicard, before submitting a voucher take your Unicard card with the promotional agents in the park area.