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Since April 2017, Unicard has been involved in the new project. With the Presidential Reserve Fund financing, within this new project the company released a new card "Ask for Georgian". 

The project is of a social nature and serves the promotion and sales growth of the products produced in Georgia. The new card, "Ask for Georgian" will encourage small and medium entrepreneurs, retail facilities and customers in producing and sales of Georgian products.

The cardholders of "Ask for Georgian" will also be able to collect "Georgians" (points) along with the Unicard points. "Georgians" will be earned by purchasing any Georgian product in the supermarkets "Spar", "Ioli" and "Foodmart".

The cardholders will be able to spend Unicard points in the online catalog on or at the partner companies. "Georgians" are collected on the card independently from the Unicard points. Within the project encouraging contests and awards will take place monthly where collected points can be used. The customers owning the largest number of “Georgians” will be declared and awarded various prizes and the certificate signed by the President of Georgia.