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Unicard for large families

Under the auspices of Unicard and organization Gene Georgian a new project for large families was implemented.

Gene Georgian is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015 and its goal is to improve the demographic situation in the country by encouraging and supporting families with many children – three or more children to be specific.

Within the project the new card for a large family became available for families with many children. It contains the basic Unicard functions and also allows the owners to take different, distinctive and always updated offers from a variety of Unicard partner companies - increased points, gifts, discounts, etc. Cardholders are also able to get involved and participate in various encouraging campaigns of Unicard.

The Unicard for Large Family can be issued and registered at Unicard Service Center.

If the parents with many children are already Unicard users, they can transfer existing points of the old card to a new one in the Service Center or via call center.



15% discount



Unicard double points


Unicard double points


10% discount


30% discount