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Permanent discount function added to Unicard card.

Since November 15, Unicard holders can get permanent discounts together with accumulation of points.

In Aversi Network, Unicard holders will get 10% permanent discount on up to 20 types of cosmetics and self-care products.

Discount applies to brands: Topicrem, Il Salone, Ahava, Doliva, Mesauda, Lacalut, Evoluderm, Bebble, Beter, Bebest, Delia, Air-Val, Lobelo, Materna, Minser, Pascal Morabito and Cameleo.

A card registration is required to get a discount  (if not registered).

The card can be registered both on the website and via the information center 2 555 222.

If you still have no Unicard, you can get it in:

• Spar, Foodmart, Ioli and Altaokay’s Network of stores;

• Unicard Services Centers.

Points, discounts, gifts - this is an upgrading Unicard conception.

From November 15th- Get more discounts with Unicard!