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Permanent discount in Vianor and G-Energy from Unicard


Swipe Unicard in Vianor and G-Energy and get permanent 10 % discount on any product or service.

Products / Services:

Vianor-tires, lubricants, filters, brake pads, accumulators, windscreen wiper blades, spark plugs, lamps, repair and replacement of running gear.

G-energy - engine oils, filters, tires, accumulators, brake pads and other express spare parts.

The offer applies to the following branches:

Tbilisi, Ketevan Tsamebuli Ave. # 71, opposite – Vianor

Tbilisi, Cosmonauts Embankment # 35 – Vianor

Tbilisi, Beliashvili # 125 – G-Energy

Tbilisi, Guramishvili # 41, opposite the electric locomotive factory – Vianor

Tbilisi, from Didube to Ksani Str. leading to embankment - Vianor