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New Year's Offer at the hotel "Kabadoni"


New Year's Offer! Swipe  Unicard at the hotel "Kabadoni" in Sighnaghi and collect double  points from December 13th. Relax at the hotel "Kabadoni" , enjoy modern spa procedures and  the beautiful views of the snow-capped Caucasus. 

Boutique Hotel "Kabadoni" is located in the historical center of Sighnaghi. and is a favourite place for visitors. One side of the hotel overlooks vineyards scattered throughout the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus and the other side reveals the town’s historical center.The interior of Hotel "Kabadoni" is a mix of art nouveau, ancient Georgian and eastern motifs. With a dainty environment, calm and harmonious atmosphere, a wide range of services, and traditional Georgian hospitality – Hotel "Kabadoni" is an ideal place for those who appreciate comfort, coziness and care.


Address: 1 Tamar Mepe Street, Sighnaghi