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Unicard created a new platform of customer loyalty for companies


Unicard offers companies a  new technology - customer loyalty platform.



The idea of ​​creating a platform is based on the latest global trends and analysis of the requirements of Unicard partners, which means that sales growth is increasing due to increasing loyalty of existing customers, and not by attracting new customers.

As a result, a simple and affordable platform was created that allows companies to create and manage their own loyalty and increase sales based on Unicard technology.

The implementation of loyalty technology is instantly available and allows any sized company, any number of branches and any segment to create and manage their own loyalty without any investment, which means they will be able to:

- To keep records of users;

- To study their behavior, visits and expenses;

- To make the right segmentation;

- To create campaigns suitable for each segment;

- To conduct communication with the client on behalf of their name.

The platform is simple and up to 30 patterns are included in it.

Once the company chooses a promotional offer, it will be available within 5 minutes.

The platform also has the opportunity to inform users about news and important events or to congratulate holidays.

After the implementation of the platform, the loyal customers of the company will be awarded with points, gifts and cash vouchers. The satisfied customers thank the company for repeated visits, which contributes to the increasing in sales.

For companies that already have their own cards, Unicard offers both the implementation of a loyalty platform in parallel and consultations aimed at improving the efficiency of their cards.