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Action for Jubilees at AZZATO


Confectionary stores network Azzato offers Unicard users doubled points and discount for the birthday!

Action specifically is for those users who have birthdays and this action will be of permanent nature. Users will get double points and a special design for the 10% discount at Azzato. Best discount and double points will be offered 6 days before and 10 days will be able to use the  offers!

Azzatos success is in friendly environment, high-quality natural European (Italian, French and Belgian) ingredients and sophisticated design. Azzato stands out with own exclusive recipes and best team of professionals. Each product shelf life is strictly controlled.

Accordingly, the store customers are always able to purchase the new sweets. Except the presented products in stores, the design and size of wedding, birthday and corporate cakes may be found they are prepared by a professional artist-designers work.