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Amboli offers double points on Unicard and discount till 31th of December. Moreover, customers are offered:

● 15% discount tiers;

● 20% discount on Duracel accumulators;

● 20% discount on motor oil;

● 0% installment.

Amboli was founded in 2003 and right in the first year of its business, the Company acquired the leading position on the Georgian market of car headlights, aluminum wheels and accessories. During its existence, the Company has been permanently expanding its network of stores and diversifying the goods and services.

At present, the Company is engaged in import, wholesale and retail realization of a wide range of car parts and accessories through the network if its stores. Direct contacts and long-term partnership with the car parts manufacturers in different countries of the world on the one hand and selling the imported goods directly to an end user through its own network of stores on the other hand, are the reasons of low prices at the stores. A wide choice, highly competitive prices and high quality of goods and services are the priorities, which are a permanent concern of the Company.