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Unicard and its Partners Awarded the Winners with the Prizes!


Unicard director, Beso Abuladze with the partner companies - Wissol Group President, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Soso Pkhakadze and corporate and business communication head, Irakli Zubitahsvili awarded the winners on the official ceremony.

We Recall the winners.


Ford Mondeo - Besik Chincharauli 1199110500506983, 0373588

Ford mondeo - Beso Akhaladze 1199110599986151, 0782182

Ford mondeo - Mamuka Japaridze 1199110100229609, 0183858

Porsche Kajaani - David Tsirdava 1199110100282470, 1225069

Apartments - Vladimir Kvelashvili 119911500037830, 0341492