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Lisi Greens


Each 10 GEL

About the company:

Lisi Greens nursery garden joined Unicard Network. Company differentiates itself with the special and high quality greens off various choices.

Lisi Greens leads partnership with famous Italian company Innocenti & Mangoni Piante, which successfully operates in this field since 1950. Lisi Green customers can choose upon their taste and buy any kind greens exclusively imported from Italy. Evergreen and yellow leaves blossoming trees and bushes, trees of rare kind, Japanese maple trees, Bonsai, roses and junipers – all presented with the store. Moreover, Lisi Greens offers consulting, design and import services.

Tree-plants, seedlings.

Telephone: 599 09 12 25; 598 98 87 18; 598 98 87 83
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Working Hours: 10:00 - 18:00