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Eko Gas


Each 10 GEL

About the company:

“Ekogas" was founded in 2006 and started functioning with one gas station. At present, the company is already represented by 4 gas stations throughout Tbilisi.

"Ekogas" provides the highest quality of the product with the modern filtration system and offers ecologically pure, cleaned from additives, cooled, pressed natural gas.
Gas stations are equipped with Italian techniques and are fully compatible with European standards.
The starting point of the company is to meet the interests and desires of the customers to the maximum extent.
Safety regulations are constantly checked in "Ekogas”.  A team of professionals takes care of creating a comfortable environment and improving the quality of service.

Compressed natural gas.

Telephone: (032) 2 47 49 49
Web Site
Working Hours: 24/7