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Solo Per Te


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About the company:

Solo Per Te offers plastic surgery, esthetic gynecology, esthetic cosmetology, urology, laser technologies are currently the most promising in the optimal range of medical services.
Clinic is equipped with ultramodern equipment of the newest models, German company “Asklepion Lazer Technologies”, the latest generation of equipment will allow the clinic to offer patients following procedures – esthetic gynecology, removal of pigment spots, post-acne treatment of pores, skin rejuvenation, removal of growths, capillary networks, removal of papillomas, warts, hemangiomas, condolomas with yellow laser. 
Clinic doctors are true virtuosos of their profession. High professionalism and years of experience, gives them the opportunity to conduct unique operations and procedures with minimal interference and maximum results.

Aesthetic clinic.

Telephone: (032) 2 43 49 94; 591 41 77 77
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Working Hours: 11:00 - 20:00