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Eco Dizel’s Coupon For 10 L

ID 2212-0004
  • Provider: Wissol

 Coupon price depends on fuel market price. Price changings influence on the coupon cost in the catalogue of UNICARD

  • Eco Dizel is high quality Greek fuel for normal and turbine equipped engine cars
  • Standard- euro 5, Sulphur content is restricted on minimum
  • Protect car metal parts from corrosion, cleaning engine and fuel supply systems, protect engine oil from pollution, whereupon extend exploitation period; extend catalyst’s converter exploitation period and stimulates effective working, which is important for car technical checkup. Eco dizel fuel provides rapid and noiseless engine operation.

Use the card in 5 different companies within a month and receive benefit by Premium Tariff next month

Premium Tariff - 540 points


Use the card not less in 3 different companies within a month and get benefit by Reduced Tariff next month

Reduced Tariff - 560 points


In any other cases use standard tariff