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Whiskers, Forehead or Throat Epilation with DPC Technology

ID 1444-0045
  • Provider: La belle Medical
  • Product:  Whiskers, Forehead or Throat epilation with Freezing Method

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Innovation for elimination of redundant hair: hair painless removing, freezing method with DPC Technology

DPC Technology’s one of the biggest advantages is that it gives impulse modification, variety of choice, it means that each of user have individual program foreseeing his skin type, hair color and hair structure.

Freezing unique system – sapphirine glass-cooling -10ºC and have anesthesia effect


  • Operates on light as well on dark hair color, effective on any part of the body
  • Do not develop scars and don’t change pigmentation, skin became smooth and charmeuse


Service can be used on the following addresses:

  • Freedom square #4 Tel: 298 60 05, 299 90 08
  • Varketili, Javakheti # 2 (t/c Fenix 5th floor) Tel:  2 18 41 82