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Unitour in Bakuriani

ID 8000-0025
  • Provider: Mgzavrebi
  • The cost of the tour involves apartment for 2+1 persons, one day-night;
  • Ordering of tour is possible 14 days before taking trip;
  • It’s possible to order tour for other persons;
  • Cancel of booking is possible not less than 1 week before taking a trip, if you want to not lose penalty points. In other ways bonus points don’t return;

Hotel “Mgzavrebi” is located in Bakuriani, near the Kokhta ski Slope. Unforgettable nature and comfortable environment makes possible to relax, have a rest and entertain.

Ordering tour by bargain purchase Unicard owner give consent to take part in Unitour advertisement campaign.  For more information please contact us. Tel: 032 2 555222