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About the company:

Premix is a novelty in the spare parts industry. Company’s splendid service is based on its comprehensive knowledge, rich experience and subtle courtesy. Its main priority is to offer clients most desired proposal and make them as satisfied as possible. Company is offering its clients broad range of spare parts, almost for any car manufacturer. It’s a matter of course that Premix offers its clients spare parts with warranty. 


Lubricants, hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, antifreeze, brake pads, bearings, sealing products, water pumps, timing belts, shock absorbers, buffers, thermostats, engine parts, suspension parts, electronics, spark plugs, filters, tools, chemical products.

Telephone: (032) 2 18 24 14; (032) 2 34 09 04
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Working Hours: 10:00-18:00 (ორშაბათი-შაბათი); 10:00-17:00 (კვირა)